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Farming is Hard

July 26, 2017

Farming is hard, regardless of how much time you put into it, meaning if you do it full time or in your spare time, Farming is hard. Producing food, fiber, or fuel takes time, patience, knowledge, and hard work. My extended family operates a part time farm. We all pitch in as needed but all the families also have one or two full time jobs. I work full time and spend my summer evenings and weekends working in the garden. Others from the family assist with making hay, harvesting crops, and caring for the livestock. I lend a helping hand with these tasks as needed. We all know how to do each others tasks, which is helpful when full time jobs and family responsibilities come first. I take great pride in our ability to produce food. Food production takes science, passion, and luck. Science has taught us what to grow, when to grow it, and how to grow it. Passion for all living things is a must. You have to understand that all living things require love and care plus a little patience. In addition, you have to have respect for the living things in the environment you don’t have control over. And finally luck is a must. Farming and food production is a risky business. With bad luck comes barren animals, pests, diseases, and poor weather conditions. With good luck comes bumper crops, many babies, and great prices. Nothing beats the pride a farmer feels after a successful season. As we are preparing for our biggest season of the year at the home farm(sweet corn), I want you to remember that farming is hard and those producing your food work hard for quality and quantity. So get out there and support your local farmers! dsc01237.jpg

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