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Sending a Prayer to the “weather gods”

August 27, 2014

Anyone that makes hay has prayed to the “weather gods” many times over. As my uncle mowed hay on Sunday I started thinking about the accuracy of today’s weather forecasts. A farmers success is greatly dependent on the weather. Everything can be done perfectly but with poor weather yield loss and ever crop failure is expect. Here in PA we are experiencing a cooler than normal August. These cooler temperatures haven’t affected the crop production very much. But we’ve seen an increase in hay drying time. Lower day temperatures equal less evaporation and lower night temperatures equal heavier dews. This means the hay lays in the field longer and the chances of it getting rained on increases. So with a 50% chance of rain today and dry alfalfa laying in the field, I say a silent prayer to the “weather gods”. I know my dad, cousin, and uncle are doing the same. My cousin knows the risk we are taking and made sure to fuel and prep the equipment yesterday. As soon as my dad gets home, he will start raking the hay. When my cousin gets home, he will hook everything up and start baling. My uncle and the extra help he’s gathered will be on stand by to start unloading as soon as possible. We are a family operated farm whose members also work off the farm to support their families. So as I check the radar one more time I ask you to say a silent prayer to the “weather gods” to hold off the rain until the last wagon is in the barn.

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