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Ag Progress Days 2010

August 17, 2010

Ag Progress Days(APD) is considered PA’s largest outdoor agriculture exposition. This year APD is being held August 17-19. Every year APD happens at the Penn State University’s Ag Progress Site in Rock Springs, PA. For more details and directions check out the APD website

I have been coming to APD since I was a small child. My aunt and uncle would bring me and my cousin to APD almost every year. We always came on Wednesdays because APD is open later into the evening on Wednesdays. Once I went to college I worked for the Penn State Crop and Soil Department and got to spend all three days helping out. Now that I work for PSU Extension, I spend my days at APD helping in the Crops, Soil, and Conservation tent and at the County Agents Food Booth.

APD is not only a great place to learn all about agriculture, but it is a great way to spend time with the family. There is something for everyone: farming equipment, food, lots of educational booths, games and activities for kids, a corn maze, and many tours and demonstrations. I love APD because I get to learn about all kinds of things related to agriculture, also I get to see many of my friends and colleagues, and as always there is good food!!

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