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Missing the Farm Life

July 27, 2010

As most of you know I grew up on a small beef and crop farm. We raise about 20 head of beef and grow hay, oats, field corn, and sweet corn. We also have a large garden with cucumbers, squash, peas, beans, red beets, tomatoes, potatoes, and peppers. I currently live and work about a two hour drive from home, however I make the drive home almost every other weekend. When I can’t get home for the weekend, there are times I drive home just for the day. I really like my job, the area I live in, and all the wonderful people I get to work with. But in reality I really am missing the farm life and being able to help my family with all the farm work.

Let me give you a little background on the farm. My grandfather (aka Pappy)  on my dad’s side of the family was born and raised on the farm. He and Granny live in the original farm house and are the owners of the farm. My Granny had three sons (Bucky, Eric, and Daniel). When the sons grew up and got married Pappy and Granny gave each son an acre of land to build a house on and raise a family. These acre’s of land are right beside each other and use to be part of the pasture. Bucky, Eric, and Daniel all got married and had children. Eric is my dad. He married Peggy and had three daughters. I am the middle child just like my dad. When I was a child I spent my days playing with my neighbors who also happened to be my cousins. As my cousin’s and I grew up, we began helping out more and more on the farm. When I was in high school my summers were not spent working a lame summer job, instead I worked on the farm. Working on the farm taught me many life values.

Over the past few years I have not been able to help on the farm as much as I would like to.  First I was away at college and now I am working two hours from home. However, yesterday was a different story. I am helping a friend of the family with their nutrient management plan and yesterday morning I had a meeting with them. After the meeting I  decided to stay home for the rest of the afternoon and I am so glad I did. I spent the afternoon helping my mom sell sweet corn, while Granny raked hay. Once the hay was all raked, Pappy hooked up the baler and wagon, then my Uncle Bucky, my younger sister, and I all jumped on the wagon. We headed back the fields to bale the hay. At one point in time, my younger sister and I were the expert hay stackers. I had learned from my dad and uncles, and then I got to teach my younger sister. While we were baling the hay, my dad started raking the two fields of straw. I took a break from baling to eat some dinner (homemade breaded chicken breast, mashed potatoes, and fresh green beans). When I was done they had already started baling straw, instead of getting on the wagon and stacking, I went and helped my Uncle Daniel unload the two wagons of straw.

Reality is I wasn’t the key to getting everything  done yesterday and without me everything would have still gotten done. But I am so glad that I was around to lend a hand. I am thankful for every moment I am able to help on the farm. I wish I could be there all the time to help out. Everyone is getting older and I am young and can push my body harder than others. So I hope soon that someone will invent teleportation, that way I can be at work during the day and then at the farm in the evening helping out.  Moral of the story: I really am missing the farm life……

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