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PAfarmgirl is more than Farming

November 10, 2009

PAfarmgirl is something I have always been, but it definitely isn’t all that I am. I grew up on a farm in western PA. We raise about 2o head of cattle and grow hay, field and sweet corn, small grains, a few potatoes, and some vegetables. In the summer when the sweet corn is ready we have a produce stand at the farm for people to purchase sweet corn and vegetables. We also sell freezer beef. I was involved in 4-H for 11 years. I showed rabbits and veal and was a member of the grassland evaluation team for 2 years. I basically spent all my summers helping out on the farm: baling hay, pulling weeds, picking corn, shoveling manure, and whatever else my Granny told me to do. I also spent 5 years of my life milking cows atleast once a week. For one summer I spent many mornings doing the 2am milking and then babysitting all day ( I was not a very cheerful babysitter). I really love farming and agriculture. It has taught me many life lessons about working hard, being honest, being respectful, and how to be a steward of the land.

But enough about my love of farming and agriculture!! Here are a few of my other loves!!

Sports – I love sports, especially hockey, football, wrestling, and soccer. I played soccer for three years in high school. I grew up in western PA so I am a dedicated Steelers and Penguins Fan. Some of my favorite players include: Hines Ward, Troy Polamalu, Evgeni Malkin, and Tyler Kennedy!! I like real wrestling, not WWF wrestling. My whole family loves wrestling, currently my sister score keeps for the Clarion Wrestling Team.

Music – I love almost all genres of music. My favorites include: pop, rap, hip-hop, country, reggaeton, classical, rock, alternative, and many variations of these genres. I do not have a favorite artist or song because I like way to many. I tend to be obsessed with a certain artisit or genre for a few weeks and then its someone different and the cycle continues. Recent favorites include: Wishin and Yandel, Jason Mraz, Kate Voegele, Ke$ha, Pitbull, and Billy Talent.

Cooking – All my friends call me picky when it comes to food, but in reality I am just a food snob. I like my food prepared the way I like it and with the ingredients I like to eat. I also care about where ingredients come from. I basically only eat beef from the home farm and almost all the vegetables I eat were grown on the farm and canned or frozen by my mother (yes she still takes care of me!!). But I very much enjoy cooking for other people. I do a lot of Hispanic influenced dishes, plus alittle italian and the traditional meat and potatoes. I “invented” a dish in college and everybody thats eaten it loves it. Its very simple, but no one ever makes it for themself. This dish is called “Genny Helper” . . . all it consists of is browned ground beef, mac and cheese, and streamed brocoli all mixed together. I joke that the reason it tastes so good is because of all the “Love” I put into it . . . and “Love” is tghe fake name for my person spice mix that I use on meat!!

I hope you enjoyed learning alittle bit more about me!!

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