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My Favorite Time of the Year!!

August 17, 2009

Its that time again!!! Penn State’s Annual Ag Progress Days(APD) begin Tuesday August 18th and runs through Thursday August 20th. This happens to be one of my favorite events of the year. When I was a child I would go to APD with my Aunt and Uncle. This was such an adventure. I loved going to Penn State with them and then we would get to see the farm equipment and go to the crop and soils tent. When I was in college at PSU I worked for the dept of Crops and Soils, which meant I got to spend all three days helping with APD and the day before and the day after helping set up and clean up!!! I also got to spend a few days before APD digging up weeds for the weed ID station. This always turned into an adventure with my coworkers and I. One year we were having so much fun we started calling it a “Weed Safari”. As you can imagine we were having way to much fun driving around on the JD gator “hunting” weeds!!! My first year out of college, I did not get to help at all with APD and that made me sad 😦 But I did take a day off of work to go up and visit. This year it is a different story!!! I am now employed by PSU as an Agronomy Educator, so I actually get to go to APD and work at the Crops and Soils tent!!! I, of course, am very excited about this opportunity. The Crops and Soils tent has many great things to offer: the “ask the expert” table, weed id, the corn maize, the hay show, and many other booths all focusing on soils, crops, and conservation. At APD one can also find: the newest equipment on display, the up and coming varieties of many different crops, the equine experience, research tours and demos, Food, Food, and more FOOD, and much much more. There literally is something for everyone!!! I know that I am biased!! I simply love APD and everything it is about!! Plus who wouldn’t want to spend three days surrounded by agriculture’s latest and greatest, while being able to make friends and professional connections. Check out APD’s website . . .

Tractor on display @ APD last year

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