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AG mysteries solved!

July 29, 2009

Have you ever heard someone, normally someone that has been around for awhile, talking about something and you just can’t believe a word they are saying. You basically blow them off as old and crazy. Well here are two stories about cases like this that have been proven true. (this post is meant to be amusing and funny)

One Monday afternoon on the second floor of the Thomas building on PSU University Park Campus, Doc Harpster spun a tale about spider fence. He showed pictures of it from the 70’s and claimed that he had used it on his farm Desperation Acres, a division of Poverty Inc. Everyone in the class just brushed Doc’s talk off as something a crazy older man would say. We figured the pictures were probably doctored up and this stuff was either extint or never existed . . . but a few weeks ago we were all proven wrong. At a field day in Centre County, two students from Doc Harpster’s class actually saw spider fence and were brave enough to take photos of it.

Another document case of old stories proven true occured this past summer. A college freshman spends his summer working at a feed store. This particular feed store has a few old amishmen that like to hangout and socialize. This college freshman over hears the old amishmen talking about rabbit foots clover. This college freshman has never heard of rabbits foot clover, so he did what any college freshman would do . . . he asked his sister. She happens to be a college graduate and she had taken a forage class at PSU. She also had never heard of rabbit foots clover and also passed the old amishmen off as crazy. But one day last week she actually found some clover whose seed head looks like a fuzzy rabbits foot. Upon further investigation it was determined that the actually name for the clover is rabbit clover . . . Trifolium arvense


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