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Dairy Depression

July 24, 2009

We all know that the economy is struggling, but some industrys are suffering more than others. The Dairy industry has been taking a beating for awhile now. Recently there have been a few different types of media showcasing the dairy industry . . . Farmshine published this poem written by a DairyWomen from PA.

He sits at the table and his heart is breaking
The banker came today and said your farm we are taking.
He walks to the barn with tears rolling down his face
Today is the day he feared would take place.
He has tried and tried to hold onto his land
All he ever wanted was a bit of a helping hand.
The cows have left and the farm is up for sale
What else can he do, he feels like he has failed.
He has pleaded for a fair price almost all this year
But those pleas have fallen on a deaf ear .
Let’s bail out big business when they come crawling
But there’s no help for the farmer when he comes calling.   

Diane Heckman                                           
Howard, Pa.

In addition, a colleague of mine tweeted this article from The Iowa Independent about farmer suicides. The article begins with a story about a California Dairymen.

Lastly, on July 21st ABC world news featured a story about the dairy industry . . .

All of these features have a very depressing undertone. More and more farmers are sending their animals to the slaughterhouse, which effects their ability to make a living. How can we as a nation keep letting this happen?? I know that one person can not make a difference, but the next time you go to the grocery store please purchase some yogurt or real butter or ice cream. With enough people purchasing these items, we may be able to save some lives . . . not just of the animal kind either, but human too.

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  1. July 24, 2009 11:46 am

    Thank you for mentioning the article I tweeted! One thing I think about is the emotion tie to livestock you are implying, and that the slaughterhouse is a perilous end. Remember, it’s not. Conveyance of these emotional ties are the same kind that led us into the horse slaughter quagmire we are in today.

    • pafarmgirl permalink*
      July 24, 2009 12:09 pm

      Oh I agree . . . I definitely didnt mean the slaughter house to be a perilous end to the animals life, but as a sad end to the farmers way of making a living.

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