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Biological Weed Control

July 23, 2009

When I started college, I had no interest in sheep or goats. But a friend of mine, suggested I take PSU’s Sheep and Goat production class with her and since the two professors are on my top 6 list, I figured why not. I could use the class for my animal science minor. This class really opened my eyes to the use of Goats. Not only can you eat and milk goats, but you can also use them like a herbicide. By nature, Goats are designed to be browsers when out on pasture. They tend to eat what the cows and sheep don’t want. Goats like to consume woody plants, trees, weeds, buds, etc. This makes a goat a great, new, cheap, herbicide. One can stock between 8 to 12 goats per acre for effective weed control. Now this control doesn’t happen over night. It is definitely a couple year process. But when goats are put into an area with multiflora rose or kudzu or other brushy/woody plants they will make an impact on the plant and within a few years the plants will be dead.


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